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ADHD Coaching in the UK - for work, business, and life

Are you looking for adult ADHD coaching in the UK?

Welcome to ADHD Future! We offer a range of services including ADHD workplace coaching, ADHD coaching for students, group ADHD coaching, ADHD coaching for parents, and Holistic ADHD coaching.  

You can choose from UK-wide online ADHD coaching, and in-person ADHD coaching in the North-East including Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, and York. We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly ADHD coaching organisation that values inclusivity and diversity. All our coaches are of course, certified and accredited. 

We know that staying on top of work and life in a neurotypical world can be a challenge and we're passionate about bridging that gap! We make work, business, and life less stressful, easier to manage, and happier. 

Let's talk about where you want to be with your ADHD... In no time you'll be feeling on top of things, in control, and positive about the direction you're going in!

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What does an ADHD Coach do?

ADHD Coaching is a series of in-depth psychology-informed discussions about your ADHD, and how the symptoms are getting in the way of things you want to achieve in work and life.


A typical session may start with some specific concern that's come up for you recently, or some area of improvement you want to work on... It might focus on how ADHD has been showing up for you in a certain situation. The sessions are designed to ease the stress of ADHD. You leave feeling clear about what to do and why. Over-time this leads to you feeling confident and empowered.



ADHD Coaching can help with:

  • Reducing the impact of ADHD on work, life, and relationships

  • Working through specific obstacles caused by ADHD in specific situations 

  • Finding a healthy balance of enjoying some aspects of ADHD and reducing some of the most negative impacts

  • This leads to greater confidence in your ability to overcome the restrictive parts of ADHD and a significant reduction in stress related to the challenges

What can an ADHD Coach help with?
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About Me 
Profile picture of James Stevenson - ADHD Coach

ADHD Future Owner -  UK-Based ADHD Coach and Positive Psychologist

Hi, I'm James, the owner of ADHD future. I'm a certified ADHD coach and positive psychologist.

I understand the challenges that come with ADHD through my personal experience and also

through my over 300 hours of coaching. 


I'm passionate about using ADHD coaching to enable you to have the wonderful happy life

you deserve! In particular, I'm interested in supporting you with...

  1. Your positive relationship with yourself

  2. Accomplishing your hopes and wishes

  3. Your happiness, health, and wellbeing

  4. Your self-compassion

My approach combines elements of ADHD training with the psychology of coaching and positive psychology. I have currently been coaching for 6 years, work regularly with a coaching supervisor, and am accredited with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 

What my clients say 

"James` calm and kind approach combined with an ability to listen deeply and ask insightful questions made for an enjoyable and powerful coaching experience. The coaching has helped me to successfully reach goals in different areas of my life, including business and well-being goals. I have no hesitation in recommending James and I am very grateful that he is my coach.”

Paul, COO in Education Sector

Qualifications, Accreditations, Courses, and Experience 
  • MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

    • Fundamental and Advanced Coaching Skills 

    • Coaching Models and Disciplines (TGROW, Solution Focused Coaching, Strengths Coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Coaching Groups)

    • Positive Leadership 

    • Positive Psychology 

  • ADHD Certification Course: Advanced Strategies to Customise Treatment for Every Client

    • ADHD at Work​

    • ADHD at Home and in the Classroom

    • Time Management and Executive Functioning 

    • Couples and Relationship Strategies 

    • Neurology Drives Psychology

    • Emotion Regulation Skills

    • Mindfulness Strategies 

  • EMCC Global Individual Accreditation at the level of practitioner 

  • 6 Year's Coaching Experience 

Want to find out more?

ADHD coaching, whether at the workplace, in your business, or at home, provides you with invaluable support in overcoming the complexities of ADHD. 

We provide UK-wide virtual coaching, and face to face ADHD coaching for adults, students, parents, and organisations across the North East of England. We coach in most north-east towns and cities including Durham, Newcastle, Middlesborough, York, and Darlington.


Book a free, comfortable, and no-obligation consultation now and let's have a nice chat and a cuppa!

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